A Wabi-Sabi Approach to Selling a House in Poor Condition

A Wabi-Sabi Approach to Selling a House in Poor Condition

We often develop this sense of Wabi-Sabi for our own home, which basically means that we view it as perfectly imperfect. It’s a major factor that comes to play when we decide to sell our home and a part of what makes selling so difficult. Now you’re probably wondering how this all ties together to … Continued

mortgage Forbearance

Can I sell my House While in Mortgage Forbearance?

In March of 2020, the Cares Act was passed to assist homeowners struggling to make mortgage payments file for forbearance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Keep in mind, the Cares Act is only applicable to federal loans which include any Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac products, VA, USDA, and FHA loans.

How much will I make selling my home?

How much will I make selling my home?

Do you know how much it will cost to sell your home? Multiple fees closing costs, holding costs and repairs can impact your earnings. Call us at (281) 306-5721 so we can help.

a house you inherited

How to sell a house you inherited in Houston

Learning how to sell a house you inherited in Houston, TX is not as easy as you would expect. Wabi Sabi realty has compiled a few points that should help steer you in the right direction, if you ever find yourself in such a dilemma.

Foreclosure Prevention Measures In Houston and the rest of Texas

Local Texas homeowners who are facing a financial challenge may find themselves in foreclosure. Foreclosure is when the mortgage loan doesn’t get paid back and the bank begins the process to take ownership of the property to recoup its losses. If you find yourself entering the foreclosure process, you might wonder if there is anything … Continued

Help For Foreclosure In Houston – 3 Ways To Avoid Foreclosure

Few things are more devastating to families than the prospect of foreclosure. You own your home and you love it — it serves you well. Yet, due to unfortunate circumstances, foreclosure may seem imminent. For local Texas families facing foreclosure, the stress can be almost unbearable. Worse yet, the foreclosure process can take months or even … Continued

Can You Get Your House In Houston Back After Foreclosure?

If you’re facing the possibility of foreclosure in the future, perhaps you are wondering can you get your house in Houston back after foreclosure. After all, you need a place to live! Unfortunately, after the court rules in the favor of your lender and agrees with the lender to proceed with foreclosure, it is very … Continued

Giving My House Back To The Bank In Houston

“I’m behind in payments…will I be giving my house back to the bank in Houston?” Nobody wants to lose their home. But sometimes financial circumstances turn against you and those financial commitments become simply too much to manage. If your situation progresses too far, you may be forced into the unfortunate situation of having to … Continued